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Michelle Sigona is an Emmy Award winning journalist. Over her career, Michelle has covered thousands of breaking and historical news stories – and the good fight doesn't stop there. In her spare time, she is a volunteer firefighter.

Michelle Sigona is a National Correspondent and Emmy Award winning television journalist. Over her career, Michelle has covered thousands of breaking and historical news stories including the tragedies of September 11, the D.C. region's sniper murders, the Aurora Movie massacre and the Newtown School shooting in Connecticut.

Michelle is currently an Analyst on "Wanted" airing on A & E and is part of the production of number of shows including: Investigation Discovery's "In Pursuit with John Walsh," CBS News 48 Hours, "Chasing The Cure," with Ann Curry and many others. Michelle was also National Correspondent for Emmy award winning show, “Crime Watch Daily." A program produced by Warner Brothers out of Los Angeles. 

Previously, Michelle was the 48 Hours Crimesider Reporter for CBS News covering law and justice issues each day on CBSN. In addition to her live reporting duties, she also worked within the 48 Hours planning unit where she was responsible for researching, planning and producing the biggest crime, missing and murder investigations across the country and beyond.


Prior to these roles, Michelle was on-air and produced for the Fox prime-time crime fighting show, “America’s Most Wanted.” For over 13 years, she worked through every position behind the scenes until becoming a National Correspondent. Michelle traveled around the world to track down fugitives and find missing people during the week, while running the prime-time 1-800-CRIME-TV hotline every Saturday night. She managed a staff of 25 by making critical decisions such as when to move on a lead to track down a dangerous fugitive and how best to work with investigators across the globe to increase apprehensions. Michelle's dedication to this role was instrumental in raising the hotline to new and exciting heights.


Early on, in addition to her work with “America’s Most Wanted," she was offered a second position in the same building with the Fox affiliate in Washington, D.C. - WTTG. Michelle couldn’t turn down one or the other -- so she did both -- along with finishing out her Communications degree at the University of Maryland. While at Fox 5, Michelle had the opportunity to work through just about every position to include the assignment desk, field producing, writing for shows and segment producing.  Eventually, while juggling multiple positions, she was put on the air as the daily traffic and breaking news reporter for the morning show. After flying in the SKY-FOX helicopter for the early morning show, she would plant her feet on the ground for general reports. During those reports she would feature her daily firefighter, commuter and Washington Redskin franchise stories airing in later shows.

After many years working for the Fox network, Michelle made key decisions to advance her crime-reporting career. She teamed up with HLN and CNN where she reported on crime and missing person cases as a crime contributor. She was also a fill-in reporter for HLN and “In Session,” (formerly known as CourtTV). With Turner Broadcasting she covered many high profile cases and trials including the Drew Peterson murder trial in Joliet, Ill. Within this live coverage role, she also became a National Correspondent on season one of Deadline Crime airing on Investigation Discovery, (a series developed and produced by NBC).

During this time, Michelle maintained a position with the Discovery Channel, Investigation Discovery division known as "ID." Michelle reported directly to the managers of the development division as an east coast story editor for all crime shows. For many years following, she was a contributor to the ID's daily Crime Feed. 


Along with her specialty in crime, missing person and cold cases, Michelle has a strong connection to her local community. For more than 20 years, Michelle has served her community as a volunteer firefighter.


Michelle currently lives outside Washington, D.C. with her family. When she’s not traveling the country, she spends all of her extra time finding fun activities for her loved ones to attend and taking her oldest daughter to sport practices. 

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