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Wednesday, September 8th, 2010
Remembering Kyleigh Sousa
Remembering Kyleigh Sousa

The spring semester had just come to a close, and the Memorial Day weekend was on the horizon for Kyleigh Sousa. The 21-year-old Arizona State University student was on her way to grab a bite to eat with a friend around 2 a.m. when her life changed forever. Tempe Police Sgt. Steve Carbajal said that Kyleigh was approached by a “brazen criminal” who was driving a silver Chrysler 300 or Dodge Charger.  He was described as being Hispanic and heavy-set. 

After talking to Kyleigh, the suspect grabbed her purse and she became entangled. Kyleigh was dragged by the vehicle, hit her head, and died. Sgt. Carbajal added, “She didn’t have an opportunity to get away” and was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Now that school is back in session at Arizona State, the manhunt continues to find her killer.  Sgt. Carbajal told me this week that althought there have not been any public updates on the case, investigators are working every angle possible and hopefully the right lead will come in to put them on the killers track.

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Monday, April 12th, 2010

Jennifer kesse-million-dollar-flyer-jenn-kesse

Investigators in Orlando, Florida desperately need your leads to find Jennifer Kesse.  A few days ago, authorities announced to the Kesse family that they have exhausted all credible leads in this four year old case.  Although investigators deem the case “active,” they have nothing more to move on at this time.  Jennifer’s family will not give up until she is found dead or alive.

BACKGROUND: Police say Jennifer didn’t show up for work at Central Florida Investments on January 24, 2006. Early on in this investigation, her family told me that it was unlike her not to call if she was going to be late, or if something came up. Her boyfriend thought it was odd that he had not heard from Jennifer that morning on her way to work, and when he called her office, they said she had never arrived. Police responded to her condo to find nothing out of the ordinary. Later that afternoon, Jennifer’s friends and family sprung into action by canvassing the area with fliers looking for their loved one.

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ASK MICHELLE: Question about the Quadruple Murder

Tuesday, December 8th, 2009

TO:  Ask Michelle
FROM:  MinPin

MESSAGE: “I believe I heard on HLN Monday that Tyrone Adair was found in a vehicle, dead from a gunshot wound. Speculation (I believe) is that the GSW was self-inflicted.  Is that, indeed, the case and, if so, is this case now closed or is Law Enforcement still looking for people who aided and abetted him in these two double murders?”

RESPONSE:  Hi MinPin – Thank you for taking the time to write in.  Yes, you heard correctly, the man authorities in Wisconsin were looking for was found dead in a vehicle yesterday.  The coroner’s office says it appears he died of a gunshot wound, but has not said whether it was self inflicted or not.  I just spoke with Joel DeSpain from the Madison Police department who says at this time, there is no indication that anyone aided and abetted Adair in these alleged murders, and it appears he acted alone.  He also said that they have the vehicle to process and more interviews to conduct, and that could possibly change, but at this time, he does not feel anyone else is responsible.  Yesterday at a press conference, the Sheriff spoke out and said there may have been a possiblity that Adair’s current girlfriend was kicking him out of their place, and that could have been one issue (of many) that sent him over the edge.  I hope this helps answer your questions.  Thanks again for taking the time to send a message to the ASK Michelle portion of the site. 

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