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Husband and Wife Crime Fighting Team Bust Intruder with Tracking Device

Friday, October 29th, 2010

SprintGreat story out of the Washington Post yesterday on a husband/wife crimefighting team.  It was the middle of the night on September 24 when Kari and Derek Fisher were sound asleep in their Adelphi, Maryland home.  A slick thief ducked into their quiet home by slitting a hole in the screen and squeezing his way inside.  The suspect crept around while the family, who never heard a peep, slept

When the Fisher’s awoke in the morning, the wife noticed that a video camera, radio, digital cameras and Derek’s wallet and cell phone were missing.  Barely out the front door, and unbeknownst to the homeowners, the suspect started making phone calls through their Sprint carrier. 

While scurrying to cut off credit cards and track missing electronics, the Fisher’s had a choice to cut off the cell phone.  Instead of shutting it down, they decided to take action.  The Sprint representative offered a free 15-day trial of Sprint Family Locator service.  This is a service mainly targeted for parents to keep track of children, but many couples use it to track cheating spouses (awesome idea). 

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