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Monday, August 30th, 2010
Judy Forrest (left) Kanika Powell (right)

Judy Forrest (left) Kanika Powell (right)

Kanika Powell’s case is a mystery to detectives in Prince George’s County, Maryland.  Sunday marked the two year anniversary since her murder. I met Kanika’s mother, Judy Forrest, last year at the National Day of Remembrance for Murder Victims in Washington, D.C. Judy continues to stand tall and is full of faith that the person who took her daughter’s life will be caught, and I share that faith with her.

Kanika graduated from Largo High School in 1998, and enlisted in the Army two years later. She served in Korea, and returned to her home in Prince George’s County after her tour. She then took on a job as a security contractor at Hopkins laboratory. Kanika was very private about the work she did for the laboratory, and would sometimes travel for days at a time to handle a work project before returning. Although Judy says she always knew where her daughter was going, Kanika’s family and friends were aware that she was not allowed to discuss what she did when she got there.

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