Jayme Austin Missing (update)

Police, family members and volunteers are searching for a woman in Coquille, Oregon.  Investigators say Jayme Austin went missing on Monday, November 9, 2009, and hasn’t been seen since.  Jayme was reported missing by her mother around 2:30 p.m. on Nov. 9th when she didn’t show up at her home.  Police are on the ground interviewing everyone Jayme knows, and actively searching for this beautiful mother of two.
Jayme Austin Missing Mom

Jayme Austin Missing Mom

I just spoke with Cindy Gisholt, Jayme’s mom, and she walked me through the morning her daughter went missing. Cindy describes the area where her daughter went missing from as a “Hunter’s Paradise” – there are hundreds and hundreds of miles of road to drive for hunting. 
- NOVEMBER 9, 2009: Jayme called her mother, Cindy, Monday morning at 8:15 a.m. because she was having problems with her water at her home. Jayme lives on the same property as her mother, only .17 miles away. Cindy, Jayme, Jayme’s sister, and their grandmother have houses on the ranch property. Jayme lives inside her home with her two daughters who are 12, and 4, and her dog and cat. Jayme works at Oregon Satellite in town.
- 12-noon: Jayme usually works from 9 – 6 p.m. everyday, and she called her employer on the morning of November 9th to say she was going to be late because she did not have running water. Jayme’s employer called Cindy at noon to see if she had seen her. Cindy had not seen her daughter yet, so she told the manager she would start checking around.
- Cindy’s first call was to Jayme’s best friend to see if she spoke with her at all that morning, but the friend had not heard from Jayme. This was odd, because Jayme talked to this friend at least 10 times a day. Cindy then called her husband and asked him to take the gravel road home (there are two roads to get in and out of town, one is paved and one is gravel). Cindy thought that maybe Jayme was stranded.
- Cindy who is a volunteer firefighter/EMT called on some of her friends and relatives in the fire service to help look for her daughter. Jayme’s cousin called around to see if there were any medical calls, and Cindy and friends started combing all the roads around to see if they could find her. 
- 1:20 p.m. – A friend with the volunteer fire department stopped by Cindy’s house, and said he found Jayme’s car there. It was pouring down raining at the time, Jayme’s window was down, the car was soaked, and the keys were left inside the vehicle. He checked the house, but could not find Jayme.
- 1:25 p.m. – Cindy arrived back at her house, searched frantically, and then realized the bathroom was in disarray and it was not how she left it. Cindy cannot go into too many details because of the on-going investigation, but what she could tell me was that there were items around that weren’t how she left them, she describes it as “disturbed.”  Then, she looked down at the floor and noticed that someone vacuumed her rug in the bathroom. This is odd because it’s a thick, emerald green carpet, and Cindy had not vacuumed it since Saturday. The vacuume was placed back in the closet. 
- Cindy says she went down to Jayme’s house to see if she was there, and as soon as she walked in, she knew something was terribly wrong. Jayme’s cell phone was plugged into the wall, and if you know Jayme, you would know that she would not go anywhere without her cell phone. In addition, since Jayme works for Oregon Satellite, she always has top of the line equipment. This is a brand new $700.00 phone that she kept with her at all times. Cindy says the dog and the cat were on her bed, and no one was there.
- Cindy says, “When I saw the cell phone, I said that is wrong, something is wrong.” Cindy immediately called the police, and they put her through to the officer. 
- Cindy says Jayme does have an on again, off again boyfriend. She’s been seeing him for six years now, and he is the father of her youngest daughter. She says he is out at sea for his work, and is not around.  Cindy also confirms police are looking and questioning other people who know her.  

Race:  White female

Height: 5 feet 6 inches tall

Weight: 135 – 150 pounds


If you have any information, please call: Coos County Sheriff’s Office at 541-396-3121, ext. 371, or Coos County dispatchers at 541-396-2106

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